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400 East Tioga Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134

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Abbey Group Companies


Because of a focus on creativity, quality manufacturing to stringent specifications and customer satisfaction, Abbey Group Companies enjoys long lasting partnerships with many of the customers that it serves.

The Abbey Group Companies consists of three divisions, Abbey Color, Abbey Products and also Abbey Concepts. All three divisions develop and manufacture on site and we ship to both national and International customer locations out of our 100,000 square foot facility in Philadelphia, PA.

President of Abbey Group Companies, Roger Nielsen, is active in community support organizations and has repeatedly expressed a commitment to Philadelphia's inner city youth programs. Abbey's facility is continually being upgraded to accommodate additional manufacturing activities, focusing on an area of the city where the mayor has asked for help from the corporate sector.

Abbey Group Companies Mission Statement

To Impact Lives and Create Wealth

To create a business environment that generates wealth by allowing for the personal and professional growth of our team members, makes significant contributions to the success of our customers and vendors and honors God in all we do.

Core Values
We value our People.
We value Integrity.
We value Truth.
We value Honesty.
We value our Witness.

We are a culture that values listening, that empowers team members to do their best at all times, that illustrates attitude is the key to improving your life and that leadership is required at all levels of the organization for us to be successful.

Abbey Group Companies is in Philadelphia, PA Abbey Color
Abbey Color is a premier dye manufacturer and supplier of industrial dyes, dye precursors and colorants. Abbey Color serves a variety of constituents, both domestic and international, in a variety of capacities. Combining materials and technology, Abbey Color's dedicated chemists manufacture a wide spectrum of highly specialized dyes that meet exacting customer requirements. Abbey Color's materials serve applications ranging from healing practices to industrial uses, as well as routinely supplying dyes to cGMP or Military requirements.

Abbey Products
Abbey Products manufactures and supplies engineered industrial maintenance products including gas leak detection fluids, leak sealant, and concrete repair products.

Abbey Concepts
Abbey Concepts serves the cosmetic, personal care, and food service industries with intricate print, die cutting and the creative use of paper, foam and plastic materials. Abbey Concepts designs and manufacture functional components that serve both the aesthetic and practical needs of varied packaging and promotional applications.

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